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Help for Account Management

Few important points:
1. Please specify your e-mail and/or pager e-mail
    Please note that the system does not allow multiple accounts to share
    the same e-mail address or pager number.
    If you get the system error notifying you
    about this situation -- it means that somebody else uses your e-mail
    account or pager. Please contact us immediately.
2. If you will specify both e-mails -- the alert will be sent
    to both addresses.
3. Please test the alert system with you e-mail account (not the
    pager e-mail) first. There is a chance of sending too many alerts
    based on your alert condition setup -- we do not want you
    to exceed your paging company limit (and we will not be
    responsible for any costs related to excessive pager usage).
    You can use "Change Account" menu option to limit number of
    alerts sent to you on a daily or monthly basis.
4. We will send you a test e-mail or page with the activation code
    in order to activate the account. Use the Validate button on
    the main menu in order to activate the pager or e-mail account.
5. The User Id should be 30 characters long.
    The Password should be 20 characters long.
    The system will automatically truncate your user id to
    30 characters. If you think that this is not long
    enough -- let us know.
6. If the " Review My Account " flag is checked, the Alertguru staff
    will periodically review your account and will send an e-mail if there
    are suggestions on how to improve the alert or portfolio setup. We will send
    e-mail only to e-mail address (not pager or cellular phone, even if these
    devices are e-mail enabled). If you do not want AlertGuru staff to
    review your account - uncheck this flag.

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